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Dr. Paul-Elliott Cobbs

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Welcome to the Everett Philharmonic


We are delighted to share the Everett Philharmonic with our community and the world.  Our musicians and Music Director come to us with decades of experience--locally, nationally and internationally.  Our goal is to provide ALL audiences from the novice classical music listener to the seasoned aficionado with engaging, challenging and entertaining programs.




Audience Comments

"My wife and I attended the concert on Saturday evening at the Everett Civic Auditorium performed by the Everett Philharmonic Orchestra. As we were enjoying the marvelous music, it occurred to me that I was witnessing a moment in time that holds promise for the whole world community.
Here were 60 plus talented musicians, representing multiple ethnicities conducted by charismatic maestro Dr. Paul-Elliott Cobbs, flawlessly performing classical masterworks composed by Beethoven, Strauss, and Brahms as if  we were at Carnegie Hall. They were not concerned about their different religions, politics, races, economics, or any other differences that might divide them. They played harmoniously as one to present the best possible interpretation of this music.

We are very fortunate to have local access to these great classical works. I encourage you to attend a concert by this Philharmonic Orchestra. Maybe music is the answer."

Jack Salvadalena



Our mission is to bring the symphonic musical experience to the audiences of our community through partnerships with local foundations, businesses, schools and other arts organizations.

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Season & Tickets Music & Musicians Support & Volunteer Community & Education EPO Media About EPO

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