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If you love our product join our family by becoming a volunteer.  We need people with skills varying from ticket handling and ushering to graphic artistry, business, carpentry and instrument transportation. Email us at

Artistry, education & sustainability are our greatest priorities

These are not possible without your support.  All donations are greatly appreciated!

Low overhead guarantees that your dollars go further with the EPO. 

Be Instrumental to our Success!

Congratulations Everett Phil...

Hello to you all...

I am so proud that you all have gathered together to form a new group so that you can continue to bring high quality live performances to the people in your community.  Congratulations to all of you for keeping the musical arts alive and for giving so much to this cause.  I always look at the art of classical music as being very fragile...  something that must be preserved no matter what sacrifices we each must give. 
Paul, members of the orchestra, and all who are making this possible:   my best wishes for much success and enjoyment are with you.
If there is ever anything I can do to support you please let me know.
Beth Jensen
Wenatchee Valley Symphony
Lake Chelan Bach Fest

Mail your tax-deductible donation to

Everett Philharmonic Orchestra
PO Box 1751
Everett, WA  98206-1751



The Everett Philharmonic is a 501(c) 3 Tax Exempt organization and as such your donations may be eligible for tax deduction pursuant to IRS Tax Code.

The Everett Philharmonic Orchestra, a nonprofit corporation, is registered with the Washington State Charities Program.  For further information you may contact the Charitable Solicitations Section of the Washington Secretary of State at 1-800-332-4483 or 360-725-0378.



Gifts of any amount will be gratefully accepted at any time.

1. Call (206)270-9729 or email us at and we'll send you a pledge card

2. Donate via PayPal by clicking the button below

3. If you work for a company that does Corporate Matching please contact your Personnel Office for details.

As a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, your donations are tax-deductible pursuant to IRS Tax Code.* 



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